What We Do

We provide help to child victims of sex trafficking

Through partnership with The International Network of Hearts, we care for underage girls who have suffered the trauma of severe abuse and sex trafficking. We believe in their complete restoration through Christ's love and the future that God has planned for them.

We protect children at risk

We support and contribute to preventative ministries and programs for children in vulnerable situations and circumstances.  Our hope is that they would not fall victim to prostitution, addiction, trafficking and homelessness.  We believe reaching at risk kids and their families will break these patterns and all can fulfill their God-given destiny.

We support dedicated missionaries

We contribute to the needs of devoted missionaries in various parts of the world who are giving their lives for the gospel of Christ.  We believe sustaining and caring for missionaries is essential for the completion of The Great Commission.

We are a voice

We are a voice for victims of trafficking and injustice. We are called to defend victims and their human rights as God's creation. We have a passion to bring awareness and provoke others into taking action through learning our responsibility through God's word.

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