Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Champions: Survivors of Human Trafficking

I have never met such strong people than those who have survived human trafficking. 

They are unstoppable and they are relentless. Not because their lives are easy, yet the contrary. The path they walk is hard and dry like the desert. Yet it is the wind of adversity that builds them strong and unshakable and makes their roots take hold of the ground. Soon those roots develop like a flower blooming in sand.
 They are brave.  Not because they are not afraid. They are ones who face the black night with a racing heart and shaking hands. They face the dark and they dig intensely for something inside themselves that they were unaware they possessed in the light. Facing fear forces you to become bold and confident and courageous, where terror can no longer intimidate.

I see in them pure, resilient spirits fighting to be children, fighting for what was stolen away. Choosing to believe that all they have lived through will be transformed in the hands of God for good, and made beautiful.
They are not weak, they are not voiceless, nor are they helpless. They are champions who have fought for their sanity, for their lives, their worth, their freedom and for their dignity.  They have pushed against the mountain of vulgar lies, vicious torture and careless brutality. It is important that we recognize, they are not broken, but are the ones going home with the trophy of grace; their God-given victory. 

In the words of my dear friend and a rescued survivor who was tattooed and abusively marked by her pimp and trafficker, "I have scars on my arms and in places that nobody sees, but I keep on smiling, because I am free." 

Absolute champions.

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