Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reborn In Hope

Hope begins in the dark.  We die and we are reborn through pain and trial and loss. It is the message of the Gospel over and over again, death and resurrection. It is in those times that we want, yet we more accurately need, God's story to make us new. The story penned before time. The one that reveals water can turn to wine, the blind can see, the deaf can hear, the dead can come to life and beauty rises from ashes.

The story that He, the Master Author, is writing in our lives, perfecting our faith in Him. Our story that was formed and planned delivering us right into the palm of God's hand, leading us to His heart. It is hope that writes the story like a thread that reweaves the unraveling connecting impossible to possible. 

Hope is this thing that acts as a verb and makes us come alive. In the seasons when the heart is dark and the heart is declining, it is hope and the power thereof, which gives life.

Hope is the promise that is following after eleven children who have been rescued from slavery. And to all who seek for refuge, there is a great hope meeting them as an anchor for their soul, keeping them firm and secure. (Hebrews 6:18-19)  They now step into the resurrection of new life, a place with no bounds, reborn in hope.
It is a mysterious gift how from the cross to the empty tomb all things are made new.  Like a moment covered in grace, skipping in the sea, that washes the woe and the waste and breaks the darkness. It is the pivot that turns your face to the sun and scatters the shadows behind you.

This is hope.
Open up, let the light in.
"Love and beauty chase me all the days of my life..." Psalm 23:6 MSG


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