Thursday, February 27, 2014

Never Forget Them

"We can't forget about the other girls who are trapped in dark rooms- the girls that asked me to pray they would be taken out and given a chance."
- Trafficking survivor

This is only one.  One story. One girl.

One, who by a miracle ran away from her trafficker after she had been sold by a friend a few months prior.  She has found help and found refuge in the safe house, The Garden House in Tijuana.  Now, at 19, she bravely speaks of what happened to her and recalls being raped up to 25 times per day.  The unimaginable. The terror.  The scars.  Yet in the darkness, there came her Savior.

As I thank God for her rescue and restoration, I remember...

Every 26 seconds a child is being sold into trafficking.

That equals 120 children per hour.

2,880 per day.

I remember...the millions more.

Selah. (Stop and think about that.)

Above all else, this girl speaks most of her love for God.  She has a laugh that is joyous and from the belly.   Written in this art project her statement is clear and loud as her laugh- "I love my life!"  I am amazed and stunned.   It is in these colors that every detail of my own life comes into full perspective and I bow my head in humility, gratitude and I my life.

And God...He rescues. He heals.  He gives life... the life she loves.  And I believe He will do it for the millions.

Let us never forget them.
Note: To make an immediate impact on the fight against trafficking please click on the "how you can help" page.

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