Sunday, December 29, 2013

Working As One: How you can help

As I reflect over the past year, I am overwhelmed by the ways people have supported Relentless Pursuit.  From prayer, donations, funding, and encouragement, people are stepping up to usher in freedom, love and justice to the vulnerable. In partnership with Youth with a Mission and International Network of Hearts, together we have:
  • Taught the gospel to hundreds of children and their parents weekly who are living in the red light district, resulting in salvations and relationships built.
  • Reached families in Tijuana with friendship, discipleship, and prayer.
  • Passed out approximately 4,000 toiletry items and gifts in the Red-light district of Tijuana to the needy and also women trapped in prostitution and trafficking.
  • Provided shelter, care, therapy, education, skills and medical attention to underage girls who have been rescued out of trafficking and horrific abuse.
  • Given gifts of provision to missionaries who are faithfully serving and in dire need themselves.
Light in the darkness

Passing out needed toiletry items

Hugs from Tijuana's children
Children learning The Word of God

Walking through the safe house. 

The safe house.

This all has unfolded because we have labored as one.  We are ones who believe in justice, that children are the greatest in the kingdom of God and we believe deeply that love wins.  We link arms as one to protect the street child, to bring light to darkness, and for the innocence of young girls who have endured violence and rape.

Please take a minute to thank God for what He has accomplished through us!  Healing and freedom is here and it is now.

I want to personally thank you for your partnership and commitment as I fully continue ministry in Tijuana, Mexico.  I pray you will also remain steadfast in all that God is doing through us.  Every prayer and every dollar donated carry love on and bring attention and glory to God.

To give financial donations by check, please make checks out to IFCA Missions, note for Relentless Pursuit and send to:
IFCA MISSIONS, 1294 Rutledge Rd., Transfer, PA. 16154
For on line giving

 In the year of 2014, I will also be working on my first book, which will tell of my personal story, the ministry journey, and the faithfulness of God. You play a role in what is written on the pages and I am grateful for you.

Let us keep working as one!

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