Monday, October 28, 2013

The Crack In The Earth: Argentina 2008

There are these moments that exist where you reach into a realm you cannot see. You reach into the place where reality meets your calling, your destiny and your heart. 

Argentina, 2008

This picture may seem small...insignificant even.

It looks like I am only reaching out to pet this little girl's dog, but it was something more...something greater.  I was reaching into a moment God had already prepared for me. A moment when this little girl could be so proud to show me probably the only thing she could call her own...her dog. 

She doesn't have a doll to show me, since toys are extremely expensive in her country. (A basic Barbie doll in Argentina cost $60 U.S. each.) And in the area she lived in, I witnessed a family living in a tent, yet sharing everything they had...with us.

We had avoided these dogs that wandered the streets, in fear of disease, dog bites or fleas. But this dog I couldn't avoid. This child I could not neglect. This moment I could not be self-minded, hesitant or too "clean" to touch this filthy dog. I would not rob her of the excitement, the pure joy to share her world with me. Ultimately, I would've robbed myself from a moment that, at the time unknowingly, defined me. 

I reached for the dog and there was a...(hmmm) not a slight shift, not a bend in the road but more like a huge crack in the earth... where only I stood. 

  • What could God have for me if I was willing to reach into that unseen realm? 
  • What would I find if I stopped looking at the way things "seem" and started looking at where things are heading? The opportunities? The ending goal? The way things will be? 
  • What could God accomplish in me and through me and do with my life, if I would just reach? 

It may seem to the natural eye that you are simply doing a deed or normal daily things. However, sometimes to see clearly, you must close your eyes and see with your spirit. See in faith that simple things you do can be very large. Small things do make huge, lasting impacts to others, yourself and even can change the course of direction. Usually those "average" things we don't even realize are just the things that could change us eternally or someone else.

I wasn't just reaching to the dog, I was reaching a moment where God revealed to me a deeper calling. A future plan. A destiny that is already written. 

There is greatness in what at times seems not.

I will reach.

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