Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dreams Don't Expire: The tea bag outreach

As children we all have dreams.  We envision what our life will be like, where we want to live and what we want to be when we grow up.  Some of those dreams succeed and some not.  We take paths that lead us astray, make choices that assist in accomplishing the dream, and some decisions are made for us that can even dictate our direction.  However, the majority of us have had childhood dreams.
The main street in the district

As I have walked hundreds of prayer walks in Tijuana, I have often wondered what these people wanted for their lives.  The man on the corner selling tacos for $1, the bouncer at the door of the strip club and the prostitute on the wall waiting for her next customer. I can say with some level of confidence that these were not dreams come true.  And I can say with a guarantee that for the women, they never imagined themselves being used in cheap hotels by several men a day.  

Indeed this was not the dream.  

It was a Wednesday afternoon with full sunshine when we hit the streets of Tijuana's red light district to pass out tea bags with hand written messages of hope.  Messages that dreams, their dreams, have not expired.   

We approached underage females with baby faces painted in make up and girls who although they were dressed provocatively were self consciously still making sure nothing was "exposed." Women who are 30, 40 and even 50 years old in clothes like I would choose, hoping to close the gap of poverty for that day. As well as the transvestites who have yet to find true identity.  The streets are a broad mix of chaos.

There was a tenderness in the atmosphere and the hearts of people were clearly softened by God's spirit.  Almost every person offered the tea bag received them quickly and with gratitude. It was so beautiful to look back seeing all the girls reading the messages and smiling! Filled with an ounce of hope once again.

Jesus loves you
One women we spoke with took dozens of the tea bags inside the club she was working for to pass out to the other girls.  Then she shared with us that it was her first time working on the street, and because of Mexico's limited job opportunities she was there earning money to feed her baby.  

It is stories like this I hear frequently.  But the common denominator among all the different stories and unique situations is that Jesus dreamed these people and has purpose for their lives.  They may not be close to what God had designed for them, but with God nothing is impossible and those childhood dreams have not expired.

The full impact of this outreach we may never know in this life, but I do know that almost 200 women were reached with the love of Jesus that day.

Please continue to pray for those hearts and thank you for being part of their dreams.

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