Monday, December 31, 2012

1 Person in 2 Cultures

Almost one month now I have spent visiting in the United States after living in Mexico for 15 months and will soon return South to this beloved land.

My time in the USA I have realized that I have missed a few things:

1. My mother and a mother's love.

2. A language I fully understand, whether spoken verbally or not.

3. North American structure and organization.

4. The deep comfort of friends and family who have known you all your life.

5. Most streets being clean and void of debris.

6. Not having to question my cultural behavior (do I fit it?)

Being outside of Mexico I miss deeply:

1. Amazing friends from all over the world.

2. Spanish- the language of my heart, that I'm still learning, but getting there.

3. $1 tacos at every corner that make me chubby.

4. Busy traffic and unmarked exits (just turn when you see the field of cows or the goat- got it? True story.)

5. The Godly love of my life who is teaching me all things Mexican (and much more.)

6. The craziest, funniest 2 dogs I adore who live in my house.

These are 2 places, 2 cultures, 2 lands in which I love both equally but for very different reasons.  One I have been born into, has formed me, developed me and made me who I am. While the other is pruning me, shaping me and changing me into who I am meant to be.  They both serve and have served profound purposes in my life.

I believe these to be the biggest changes that God is doing in me through my life in Mexico:

1. Humility among people that give abundantly, sacrificially and generously, typically having much less than the receiver.

2. Speak less (which is definitely foreign to me) and when you do speak really mean it from your heart.

3. To give hugs and kisses to each individual person when you enter a room and when saying goodbye.

4. To slow the heck down!  Relax, don't stress and act ugly about the never-ending to do list I make.

5. Live in the moment- no schedule! (Stop and smell the flowers? No! Stop at the side-of-the-road grape cart!)

6. Be a friend to everyone, because all is welcome and all is included (mi casa es tu casa.)

To achieve the process of becoming more like Jesus, God has placed me within a culture and people group that is in much contrary to my originating one. It is not always easy to understand what is foreign to you, or to be understood.  It is not always easy to choose to let God change you through ideas, concepts and mannerisms that are completely out of your box.

However, I conclude that the impact of 2 cultures on 1 person is a double blessing!  It is not just having the best of both worlds.  But if I myself adjust and alter by embracing both of them, I will be my best in the world.

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