Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Sufficiency of God's Promises: A little girl's story

Sufficient: adj.
1. enough to meet a need or purpose; adequate.

She is 7 years old and has thee most beautiful face and a heart so tender.  
That day, she attached herself to my side.  

She, her brother and older sister are street kids and are being raised by parents who are addicted to drugs.  A few weeks ago we learned they lived in not a shack home, but a room built of rubbish and wood where all 5 of them slept. 

She attended our ministry program in the park where we meet them each week.  But on this day her brother mistakenly left her behind when the program ended. So, our staff, taking responsibility, drove her home.  

 “The yellow hotel” she said and explained that they had moved there. My stomach twisted. I am very familiar with this hotel and it is no place for a child, or anyone.  It is the worst, biggest drug-hotel on the block.  “Home.”

It is dark, filthy, and treacherous and there are men lined up selling drugs, the ones coming to get their hit, the police that drive by doing nothing, among other things I will not give voice to-  Infested with sin.

When we found the brother, maybe 9 years old, we went upstairs to find the parents gone.  But I knew what was next.  We were going to have to leave them there in hopes for the parents return.

The thoughts of what could happen to her never left my mind.

I had 30 seconds to tell her something I hope she will never forget- I looked in her brown eyes and I said, “You- you are never ever alone. God is always with you. Do you know that?”  And she gently smiled at me with a confidence of knowing that what I was saying was a sure fact.  And it is. 

But were the promises of God sufficient?

When we reached the bottom step, her hand was still in mine.  I anxiously looked for a place she could hide, she could sit far away from chaos, but there was no where except at her brother’s side, as if that would help.

That instant an emotion came over me that I never thought I would meet.  The feeling as if I was putting her right into harms way.   I felt as if I was sinning against a little one and that is my grief…
the worst feeling of my entire life.

I then had to consciously choose to release her hand from mine.

“Dear Jesus, please don’t make me leave her here…Oh, my God…please…”

Release…let go…cry.

It is a sure fact above natural circumstances that God's promises are true.  In these types of instances my heart has been tested if I am going to take the person of Jesus at His word.  

Fact.  It is dark- but even the darkness is as light to God (Psalm 139)
Fact.  Although her mother and father forsake her, the Lord receives her (Psalm 27)
Fact.  He will never leave her or forsake her (Hebrews 12)
Fact.  Under God’s wings she will find refuge  (Psalm 91)
Fact.  She is protected by God's saving power (Psalm 69)

Amid much uncertainty, these are sure and sufficient. 

They must be, because they are true.

This is is not a picture of the children I am writing about, but a picture for you to see ones like them.  

I invite you to pray with us regarding this situation while we seek the correct, safe, strategy we can use to provide help for these children. 


  1. Andrea, thank you. It means alot and will make the difference.

  2. I'm praying now!! I also feel your pain after being there and seeing those beautiful young faces. HE has a perfect plan!
    God Bless You Sister!!! Hugs