Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preaching Without Words

"Preach The Gospel, if necessary use words."  St. Francis of Assisi

I typically express lessons that God is teaching me, things to provoke the church and push us to our ultimate best in how we are serving Christ.  However, recently the way that God has been moving has been in very real, practical, and tangible.  Prayers are being answered so quickly we can hardly move fast enough and I thank all of you who are fasting and praying with us. Tijuana, my heart, is exploding with open doors, new opportunities and a response from the people like never before.  Let me bullet point this for you.

For starters, we started volunteering in the school teaching computer classes 3 days a week, coupled with prayer walks before hand. This was a privilege to be welcomed by the principle and school.  Not only that, but we were incredibly honored to be awarded by the city of Tijuana for our service to the community.  This is not about our great accomplishments, but about God going ahead of us and making this possible.  In the future, my prayer is for more opportunities like this (or better) to come our way. 

The prayer box
Second, along with the children's ministry, Zone Kids, we added a mailbox for prayers.  The children can write their prayers to God and then as a team we intercede on the child's behalf.  Every week we are finding many sweet requests from their little hearts, straight to God's.  But with Karen's prayers, they left us without words.  Karen, about 10 years old, lost her father a few years ago, and her prayer was that her father would come back to life.  She wrote this prayer over and over and over, on several sheets of paper.  (So sad...sigh.)  We sought The Lord and wanted to give her the encouraging promises God was giving us for her.  I shared with her first that I understood what it was like to be far way from her father, because of my parent's divorce and so many times I felt very alone. With that brief statement, she cuddled herself up to me and began to cry.  (As did I and the majority of our team looking onto the conversation.)  I was able to reassure her that God is now her father and watching over her and will be her helper.  Among many words and snuggles, my last words to Karen was "You are never, never, never, alone."  And with that this little one exhaled a breath of relief... and the weight of striving and heartache were lifted.  God so knows what she needed as He does for us.
The prayers of the babes
Third, was a very unexpected, yet appointed moment while prayer walking.  I will start this short story by saying that one of my friends and supporters, recently bought me some new shoes which I happened to where this day.  As we were walking I seen ahead of us a homeless woman lying on the street, covered in dirt, mumbling to herself and without socks or shoes.  Her feet were in horrible condition, blacked and callused completely.  As I tried to speak with her, she was incoherent.  We managed to give her some bread to eat and then I without thinking, took my shoes off and put them on her feet.  I felt tears begin to flow from my eyes as I realized the greatest thing about shoes...were exactly her size!!!  They fit her feet perfectly.  Around us stood many people on one of the worst streets in ZN and not only did they witness this, but I was commended by a few.  I do not share this because I want credit or recognition, but I want to praise God.  Not only that we were able to bless this women, but that the people in this community understand that we, unlike many other Americans that frequent ZN, are there with good intentions and there for love.  This is the message we are preaching without

Friends, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.  God is working miracles among us and please praise Him!  He is worthy.  Please keep praying as we see the fruit of the harvest.  

Love to you and yours,


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