Saturday, March 24, 2012

Street Kids: Compassion and What is True

 Compassion defined is:  a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. 

"Lilia, a street kid,  at the age of 6, lost her mother to a sudden accident on the street where they slept.  By age 7, she was robbing a store for survival with her 13 year old "partner in crime", but none the less, a boy she knew as friend.  While running out from the store her friend was shot 2 times.  His young body was on the ground dead, when the shooter approached and shot him another 2 times senselessly.  Lilia witnessed the brutality and watched an adult respond in a manner without heart, without moral conviction, without any form of Godliness.  This loss just added to the grief of her mother dieing just months prior. She wondered who was going to take care of her...would she die like them?"

This depth of tragedy for a little girl of 7 to experience and cope with.  It seems that may be she would never survive herself or that she would just mirror what has surrounded her.  However, she went on to know Jesus and know an abundant life. Lilia has gone through years of discipleship, healing, has also become a nurse and has a heart to serve the Lord.  It is a miracle of the redeeming God and willing people to bring her out of the darkness into a fresh life of light. 

Many after knowing her or hearing her story may have had some compassion or pity, but few would ever desire to make a commitment to her healing and to see her life turn for good. Compassion is not something that truly can be done from afar, relief and alleviation should follow.   Circumstances of the like are paired with sharp pain that is as enormous as the ocean and the person has needs that take long seasons of time to fulfill.  We must dare to endure this pain with the broken.  We must dare to give for the benefit of the other.  We must dare to live according to the scriptures we quote, like "For nothing is impossible with God," Luke 1:37.  We must remain in this place of faith even when looking at their pain. And let's consider how differently we would be living our Christian lives if we really believed all Jesus said was true (because it is.) -Selah-

 We are going to walk along side of children who's lives have been nothing just, nothing good and out of their life experiences now believe the world and life itself to be ugly, unfair and without love.   The focus of this type of ministry is not how many children (or adults) are coming to salvation, although that is a goal, the focus in cases of wounded children is discipleship- a lifelong discipleship. We must be the ones to believe God's truth for them when their little hearts know everything contrary.  We must lead them out of their ocean, to dry land. 

God desires every person to be in His presence one day with him eternally. Reflecting on this, My hope has increased and I am encouraged that if the children we are trying to help and rescue God wants at His throne worshipping His name; then the rescue plan for them is not impossible.   As big as the need, even larger is the provision and the solution.  Nothing is impossible for them, I will believe and this is true.

Some simple questions to ponder:

  • What will you believe as true?  
  • How will what you believe change the way you are living?
  • How will having compassion for the broken move you to alleviate the suffering?

Recommended reading: "Just Courage" By Gary A. Haugen

 (This blog was inspired by the teaching of Street Kids, by Steve Bartell)


  1. Adore this Jodie. *putting them on dry land... and the dare. Strong and visual. Love

  2. Thanks my dear friend. love you.

    1. Jodi you truly have a servants heart full of compassion! I am looking forward to work along side you this August.
      Peace, Joy and Love in HIS Name,

    2. Our Lord has given you such an awesome responsibility that requires those of us who are likeminded to pray, fast and give for this cause.

      Be encouraged and strengthened in your relentless pursuit of leading these young children out of their oceans into dry land!

      Love always,
      The Partee Family

  3. Doris, I am also am looking forward to working with you. God is good and working in big ways here. So glad you get to be part of it. Thanks for commenting and encouraging me. It means alot. =) love, Jodie

  4. Hey Partee's!I appreciate so much your sensitivity to what God has called us to and it means so much that you are in my corner. Love you guys! Bless you! Jodie