Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Really Matters

Relentless?   I pondered introspectively, "Am I really relentless?"  In other words, am I unstoppable?Uncompromising? (Yes, for the most part.)  Undeviating? Unremitting?  (I am pretty sure, yeah.) Persistent? Steady?  (I would also agree mostly.)  And then I read one definition that altered the whole evaluation of self...

Sustained.  No question.  Sustained.

I would've always said God sustains me and would give full credit to Him for this.  However, there has been a new realization that I am not "relentless" because God made me that way, nor because I am strong, talented or powerful. It is not even because I strive and make good efforts.  Only because I am sustained by Him and He is my reason alone for everything.  He formed and created me and keeps me in existence, maintaining my body and soul.  He makes available all necessities, nourishment and provision.  He is my support, lifting me from below,  that keeps me from sinking.  He gives me strength to carry on.  He affirms me in who I am through Him and encourages me to stand firm.  I am sustained because of this lifeline, the only true source.  It is this that makes me complete. And this truth I needed fresh revelation of.  Come to God as a little child, depending fully on His sustaining power.

It is easy as hours pass like minutes to get lost in living, planning and doing the work itself for God's kingdom.  When pressure is on every side, the storm is raging and you are overwhelmed, it is easy to surrender in battle and start relying on yourself. This week, my heart was realigned and centered on all that really matters.  I became desperate again.  Not desperate to see what miracles God could perform, what provision He could make in our messy, complicated lives, or even what angels He could send to aid me.  I am desperate just for Him as a person.

There is one goal in life, to know Jesus.  My prayer is that our journey with God is never to be focused on ourselves, our efforts, our deeds or our ministries above loving Him more.  He is the one who sustains us and the universe in which we live.

1. To keep in existence; maintain.
2. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for.
3. To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop.
4. To support the spirits, vitality, or resolution of; encourage.
5. To bear up under; withstand:
6. To affirm the validity of:
7. To prove or corroborate; confirm.
8. To keep up 

~girl relentless sustained

P.S. Please take a moment to listen to the song below and center your heart on all that really matters.

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