Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Faithfulness

One who is faithful in very little, will also be faithful in very much... Luke 16:10a
I heard hail against my window that morning and seen the rain pouring down.  My thought?  No rain is going to stop "the relentless!" We were planned to hit the streets of Detroit and feed the homeless. So, I got my polka-dot umbrella and we piled up 130 sandwiches in large suitcases and set out on foot.  Our group was focused to find those in need rain or no rain.  As we walked the streets we did not find many people in their usual habitats, as they were taking cover from the downpour.  Now, this could have been a discouragement, but I  felt such joy. I seen it clear.   It was not about the number of people and "big" ministry.  There was a lesson in faithfulness.  Our faithfulness.  Would we still carry out the plan to find those hungry and neglected even though it was raining?  Would we willing to become uncomfortable as we rolled old suitcases down the streets?  Would we be faithful to commitment and word? 
Yes, we will.  And yes, we did.  It is faithfulness that God will bless and through our faithfulness God will increase and raise up greatness.  These humble beginnings only encourage me for what is to come!
The Detroit ministry is one that will take time to establish.  I know that in the upcoming weeks we will only see growth.  Growth in the amount of people we can help, our relationships with them and in our faith. 
We will be ministering to the homeless, those afflicted by addictions, the mental challenged, the abused and neglected every Wednesday in the city of Detroit. We will be feeding them, praying with the people and also bringing a message of hope!  
 I'd like to thank those who have donated food to this week's ministry and those who have given monetarily.  We are still needing weekly donations of food (bread, lunch meat, cheese, fruit cups, bottled water/juice, )  to make the lunches.   Please consider donating food or becoming a financial partner with Relentless Pursuit.  Your support enables us to continue this work.   Please email us at to donate food or visit to make a contribution.
"Fulfilling the needs of the poor is so much more than "charity",
 it is about doing and providing what is just."
 -Jodie Mac Lean

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